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We wish to see more exporters and importers from India.

In our experience, we have observed most people not able to become exporters due to widespread misconceptions about it.

Common misconceptions are:

  • Fear of not receiving payment
  • There is very stiff competition and we cannot survive
  • Incorrect pricing of products due to lack of knowledge about government benefits and tax structure for exports
  • Unable to get finance

Our intention here at Bhatia Export is to produce real facts in front of you to make you realize that Exporting is simple and all the above concerns are simply inappropriate. Correct Knowledge and information are the remedies to the above problems.

When you approach us, you immediately become our partners, and we make sure you continue with your business which is your role and leave the  rest of technicalities to us. Thus, you can focus on what you are doing and do your exports without any worry or fear.

Compared to local business, exports will always be more profitable due to exemptions like government incentives and tax reliefs. Prices that you can offer will also be more competitive than others in the world because of these exemptions. Your payment is 100% safe subject to careful understanding of documentation related to export. All this requires careful study and experience in the field of Export and Import.

With over 40 years of experience and being constantly updated till date, we are well placed to help you with your Export and Import business as your partners.

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We have a suite of Export Import Consultancy services to offer to cater to your needs. Some of the services are:

You can visit our Service Charges section to understand our fee structure for our services. We also provide Export Documentation services.

You can also Contact us for Export Import Course which is highly recommended if you want to do Export Business or want to make a professional career in the field.

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